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TITLE Magazine is a student-run magazine devoted to empowering the campus community at the University of Cincinnati. 

Role: Content Writer


College Fashion is fashion blog featuring fashion tips for students, the latest trends, beauty tips, and general life advice.

Role: Contributing Writer

Work(s): Take a Movie's Advice, weekly advice column based on popular films 

Halo Communications is a healthcare technology company streamlining communication so clinicians can focus on care. 

Role: Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Intern 


Road Untold is a travel blog documenting the trials and triumphs of college students studying abroad.  

Role: Writer, Web Designer


marketing research

tilr is the first algorithmic hiring solution, streamlining the recruitment process for companies and job seekers.

Role: Marketing Researcher

Work(s): Market strategy proposal with four marketing tactics consistent with tilr's brand, presented in magazine-style format. View PDF. 

Madewell is a fashion company featuring stylish apparel for women who value a cool, classic Americana aesthetic.

Role: Marketing Researcher

Work(s): Consumer insights report equipped with feasible recommendations for company's marketing communication strategy. View PDF. 

Patagonia is an outdoor apparel and gear company. As a certified B-Corporation, Patagonia's mission is to save our home planet. 

Role: Marketing Researcher

Work(s): Brand analysis and strategic recommendations to help Patagonia stand out among its competitors. View PDF


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