Hi, there! I'm Ngoc.

Are you talking data? Because I want to talk. 

You bring the data. I'll bring the insights. 

I'm a second-year in the Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction program at Georgia Tech, specializing in user experience research (and making the occasional physical prototype). 


This past summer, I was a UX Research Intern at State Farm

Feel free to take a peek at my work below and if anything catches your eye, let's chat!


Pictured: Me out in the field, gathering requirements from users. 

featured projects

sf_hero image.jpg

State Farm Internship

UX Research

the summer of working with Jake from State Farm (and an amazing team of enterprise researchers). 

Two Pens on Notebook

Halo Careers

UX Research, Web Design

...the one where job candidates and a startup meet in the middle. 

Image by Spencer Davis

Would Recommend

UX Research, UX Design

when dietary restrictions, taste preferences, and eating habits collide. 


c wind cover better.jpg


Physical Prototyping, CAD

and then I asked the 3D-printer, "can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"


Nature Talks Back

Sound Design, Experience Design, CAD

all of our actions affect the environment but we never know how nature is feeling. what if nature had a voice? what if nature talks back?



UX Design

building community through reflection and craft, or more specifically, quilts.